After 30 years of a successful professional career, Giovanni Cannavò's experience at Cannavò & Partners evolves into Medical Insurance Consulting.
An outstanding growth, due to the highly innovative approach and reliability of its Founder, where professional integrity, honesty and competence are no common gifts.
Giovanni Cannavò
  • Ceo of Medical Insurance Consulting stp Cannavò & Partners srl
  • Ceo of Medexpert srl
  • President of the scientific Association Melchiorre Gioia
  • General Secretary of Ceredoc (Confédération Européenne d'Experts en Evaluation et Réparation du Dommage Corporel)
  • 3/4/79 Degree in Medicine
  • 27/7/84 Specialisation in Surgery
  • 25/7/87 in Insurance & Legal Medicine
  • 10/10/1986 Registered with the Order of Journalists after training at "Corriere della Sera"
  • 1990-1995 Member of the Ministry of Treasury's Commission for Civil Invalidity
  • 2000 Component of the European Parliament Member Rothley's Team for drafting the European Barème
  • 2002 - 2003 Member of the Ministry of Health's Commission to create a Medical Table System for assessing Personal Injuries from 1 to 9 points, according to Law 57, 5 March 2001
  • 2003 Referee of the National Commission for Continuous Education in Medicine for the evaluation of events in Insurance & Legal Medicine
  • 2004-2005 Member of the Ministry of Health’s Commission to create a Medical Table System for assessing Personal Injuries from 10 to 100 points, according to Law 273, 12 December 2002
  • 2004 Contributor to drafting the first example of Electronic Medical Report, developed by Medexpert and patent registered in Italy
  • 2012 Speaker at Ania (Italian National Association of Insurance Companies) Conventions on Law 27/2012
  • 26/09/2012 Audition at Italian Competition Authority on RCA (Motor Liability)
  • 21/11/2013 Audition at XII Commission (Social Affaires) of Parliament on Medical Malpractice
  • Scientific Director of professional education courses on insurance medicine and law
  • Speaker at national and international meetings on legal and insurance medicine
  • Author of several articles and publications on national and international scientific magazines
  • Director of the scientific Review "Tagete - Archives of Legal Medicine and Dentistry
  • Member of the Scientific Committee of "Revista Portuguesa do Dano Corporal"
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Medical Insurance Consulting
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